Introducing Fresh Premium Teas and Awesome Tasty Chai for the Indian Tea Lovers.

Why Drink Only One Type of Tea For So Many Different Moods?

Chaiolic Tea Categories

Chai Products

Chai is a tea beverage made by boiling/ brewing black CTC / orthodox tea in milk/ water with/without a mix of spices. Originating in India during the British Raj , the Chai beverage has become immensely popular. We present 6 different types of Chai products for your different needs.

Tea Connoisseur Range

As a Tea Blogger we’ve collected the most perfect range for Tea connoisseurs including curated famous blends from around the world. These include the Earl Grey, Assam Premium Orthodox teas, flavored teas and

many more.

Wellness Products

In recent times aren’t we all stressed up ? Do you know that Tea is a rich source of antioxidant that are beneficial to us.

Get ready to Relax with Chaiolic Wellness Products like :- Blue Tea, Rose Tea, Tulsi, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Jasmine and many more…

Darjeeling Tea Range

Darjeeling Teas are mostly produced in the foothills of Himalaya at high elevation.

The soil, the altitude and other factors together give their unique Muscatel flavor and a floral aroma that is unique in the world.

We present handcrafted Darjeeling Golden tea, Black tea, White tea and other products from various gardens .

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Health Enthusiasts

We have more than 5 types of Green Tea that are designed to help build Immunity, prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Plus, our black tea ranges have polyphenols that are loaded with antioxidants to fight health disorders.

Chai Lovers

Chai with milk has a fan following in India and abroad. Our Chai blends with / without spices are created to serve the varying needs of different taste bud requirements.

Tea Connoisseurs

Seasoned Tea lover’s love to explore the classical world of Tea as well as the Best of the Best. We have catered our ranges accordingly.

Darjeeling lovers

The Queen of the world of Tea – Darjeeling is appreciated worldwide for its classical notes , flushes , its floral and fruitty flavor and aroma. We bring the unblended raw Darjeeling tea from the estates.

Chaiolic- How it started

Chaiolic was born in 2020 out of Covid-19 crisis to address solutions for Tea loving people.

Three passionate Tea Connoisseur friends quit their cushy corporate jobs and teamed up to create Chaiolic.

Tea Blogs

Different stories of tea

The 4 Best Tea Recipes to boost taste and immunity

Tea as we all know is anyway a health drink. Yet, tea is consumed as a hot social, and refreshing beverage in most parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries like India along with milk and sugar.

Assam tea vs Darjeeling tea

Interesting 7 differences of Assam tea and Darjeeling tea

There are so many tea producing nations, India is the second-largest tea producing nation in the world. In fact, approximately about 4 % of India’s national income comes from the Tea business.

What are the best Health Benefits of Green Tea

This year 2020 we have witnessed how immunity improvement has been the topmost concern by almost everyone globally. In this current Pandemic situation, Green Tea consumption has been trending as one of the key immunity boosters.

How is Green tea actually more powerful than Rooibos?

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