Which are the 3 Best Tea Travel destinations in South India?


India has a rich legacy connected with Tea Travel especially the historical Tea estates and Gardens built by the British, with beautiful Guesthouses and museums, all across North East and South India. Tea Gardens and estates in South India are scattered across states like TamilNadu and Kerala. Both these states offer excellent getaways not only to Tea lovers but even to Holiday Travellers and Nature lovers due to their picturesque locations and sceneries around them. I have chosen 3 Tea Estates as prominent Tea Travel destinations in South India.

Lockhart Tea Museum, Munnar.

Munnar is famous for the mesmerizing beauty offered by the hilly slopes with tea plantations and the extravagant greenery due to the thick forests. Around the year the climate is cold and comfortable. Hence, this location is suitable to grow the best tea in the world. The Lockhart Museum cum factory owned by the Harrison Malayalam Ltd. is situated only at a distance of 9 km from Munnar, Incidentally, the same Harrison Malayalam Ltd is South India’s one of the largest cultivators of tea.

 The Lockhart Tea Factory was established in 1936 but the museum was opened to the general public only in 2014. Inside the museum, you get to know the complete insights into the orthodox process of tea production and processing. You can also learn a lot about the ancient tools used in the plantations and factories such as mechanical harvesting machines, shears, fletcher sprayers, among others.

 Inside the museum, there is a Lockhart kiosk, which offers visitors a variety of freshly brewed teas to choose from. In one part of the museum, you can see a watchtower. You may visit the Lockhart tea factory and see the live work in the factory, which is also a part of the museum. 

In case you are interested, you may add this place to your travel bucket list for the future.

Tea factory & Museum- Ooty – 

In the lap of the hills of the Nilgiris lies the Ooty Tea Factory, which is situated at an altitude of approximately 1.8km (from the sea level). This is a must-visit place for all tea and nature lovers. There is an adjoining Tea Museum as well. Inside the museum, the visitors get to learn about different kinds of tea leaves that are used across the globe. Also one can learn the history of tea in India and its evolution in the Nilgiris. If you are eager to know the entire tea processing method starting from the plucking of the fresh green leaves to its packaging this place is worth the visit. You can also witness processing by CTC (Cut, Twist, and Curl) machines. In the shop, you may purchase specially crafted tea souvenirs like tea cups engraved with the Tea Museum logo and tea plates as well. 

Try to visit whenever you may travel.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

One of the highest-level Tea plantations in India is Kolukkumalai, Kerala. This is situated 35 km from Munnar, Kerala. The elevation is approximately 7900 ft above sea level. Its beauty lies in the mist-shrouded mountainous area where the tea estate still utilizes orthodox handmade methods to process tea. 

Established in 1930 by a Scottish tea planter, you may have a close look at the types of equipment & processes that are still of the colonial era. The organic tea produced here has a distinct aroma & taste.


There are many places in Kerala and TamilNadu which have not been covered in this blog. It may be unjustified to many for not covering places like Conoor, Maeghamalai, Valparai, Wayanad in Kerala for their beautiful landscapes in Tea plantations that are worth mentioning. The objective here was to highlight the Tea factory with historical importance rather from a beauty perspective. Hope this was informative.


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