Special Masala Chai – Punjabi

Special Masala Chai - Punjabi

This is a North Indian’s delight Chai- having the strongest spices like the Big Cardamom , Carom seeds yet very healthy due to the presence of Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves alongwith Fennel seed. When served with Milk this can be a Must Have Masala Chai due to its strong aroma and excellent taste. Need to mention the contrast in taste as fennel adds sweetness while pepper, clove creates a warmth required from the Chai.




CTC Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Big cardamom, Cloves, Fennel seed, Carom Seed
100 GRAMS (AVG. 40 CUPS)
100 GRAMS (AVG. 40 CUPS)



Best Consumed




Time Of The Day

After a breakfast , this Tea can be a perfect Kick starter for the day with all its freshness, spicy flavour and aroma. Can be ideal during rainy season and cold weather conditions.

Health Benefits

  • It has polyphenols which help protect our cells.
  • Some of the recent researches have pointed that antioxidants present in black tea are good for heart health; can lower risks of heart attacks and atherosclerosis (clogging in arteries).
  • Phytochemicals found in tea are linked with maintaining healthy bones.
  • Amino acid L-theanine helps in relaxing and revving up concentration level.
  • Fluoride, found in black tea, helps in protecting teeth.

Brewing Instructions

Step 1

Take 1 tsp, 2.5gm of Tea in a Tea pot/ vessel.

Step 2

Pour 180 ml hot filtered O2 rich water|80- 85C| ( 1.5 min less than boiling ).

Step 3

Steep for 3-5 mins ( for stronger flavour – go for 5 minutes) , strain and pour in a cup.

Recommended to add milk and sugar to get the perfect flavour. number of steep -Maximum 1.


You can store tea upto 12 months in a Dry, Cool place, away from direct sunlight and also away from any type of strong odour.
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