Golden Tips Assam Premium Tea

Golden Tips Assam Premium Tea

This is a classical Second flush from Assam with a delightful sweet flavour. A typical summer Assam Premium long leaf tea with Golden Tips, has sweet and malty flavors, its earthy and woody notes, and juicy. A Must Try for Assam Black Tea Lovers.




A combination of Assam's two best clones to offer the best in flavour and aroma, has orthodox longleaf Tea with golden tips
100 GRAMS (AVG. 60 CUPS)
100 GRAMS (AVG. 60 CUPS)



Best Consumed




Time Of The Day

Perfect for both the morning as well as the afternoon Tea.

Health Benefits

  • Rich in Antioxidants and poly phenols.
  • Improves Metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.
  • Boosts Energy and “Alertness”.

Brewing Instructions

Step 1

Take 1 tsp, 2-2.5gm of Tea in a Tea pot/ vessel.

Step 2

Pour 180ml hot filtered O2 rich water|85- 90C| ( 1 min less than boiling ).

Step 3

Steep for 5 min ( for strong flavour) ( Steep for 7 minutes during 2nd steeping), Strain and pour in a cup.

You can add a tsp of sugar or honey if required | recommended number of steep -Maximum 2.


You can store tea upto 12 months in a Dry, Cool place, away from direct sunlight and also away from any type of strong odour.
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