My Best Tea Travel to Tearooms of Hauz Khas village.

For quite some time I was looking forward to spending some time in Delhi exploring the incredible Tea rooms Delhi boasts of. I started visiting my Delhi Tearoom-journey today onwards with Hauz Khas village as the first stop. Those of you who have seen popular Bollywood movies like 2 States or Tamasha may have got a little bit feel of this awesome place. I got a feel as if I was walking inside the narrow lanes of North Goa, with the beautiful shops on both sides. However, the lockdown has taken a bit of a toll on this place. In fact, one of the most popular restaurants Social was found closed.

After parking the vehicle, we walked towards our 1st Tea cafe Elma’s Bakery and Kitchen, located on the 2nd floor. The place was easy to locate, being very near to the parking area. This British style cafe cum restaurant is known for offering the best quality pastries, scones, croissants, gourmet cakes apart from other foods and are visited by its loyal customers from across Delhi. The look and feel of the interior took me to somewhere in the suburbs of London.

The white background of the interior was typically designed in an elegant English style with a piano placed at the extreme corner adjacent to a beautiful looking large mirror. There is a beautiful bike adjacent to a vintage type clock on the other corner. The blend of art and the machine-made decor stand out and interesting. What attracted me was a framed painting of a dog and a cat dressed in suits. I came to know that the dog in the picture was Elma on whose name the restaurant was named.

In the tea section, there were around 25 types of tea. Influenced by this British setting I ordered Earl Grey tea for myself. This was served in a typical English teapot with milk and sugar being served separately. The premium tea leaves were from Nilgiri. The best part was that after straining the color of the liqueur was light brown yet after adding milk, it still tasted very strong. Typically like a premium quality Earl Grey black tea.

I had a brief interaction with Mr. Gopal who was the manager of the cafe. He was very courteous, and a gentle person who behaved like the perfect host. The owner Ms. Shelly Sahay is probably a resident of the United Kingdom.I shared with Mr. Gopal about my love for tea and the purpose of this visit to explore the quality of tea served in different cafes. After finishing my tea I took some photographs of the cafe and left after paying the bill.

It was overall a very good experience which transported me to a different part of the world ( UK ) for some time. My suggestion is next time if you are in Delhi,  try visiting this place.

Next Stop – Blossom Kochhar’s Tea Room

After experiencing a cup of English Earl Grey tea at Elma’s Bakery, my next destination planned was for the Tea Room by Blossom Kochhar’s. This cafe cum salon was situated very close to Elma’s. Just next to Naivadyam, the popular South Indian restaurant, this tea room on the 2nd floor can get camouflaged from the outside by the salon cum spa on the ground and 1st floor.

After reaching the 2nd floor, I was mesmerized by the interior which was very aesthetically appealing. The decor had bookshelves with a variety of books, lots of woodwork (Teak wood, I presume), a blackboard with a list of the food items with rates mentioned. Each table has a bell to be rung for calling the staff for ordering food. I ordered Assam Orthodox Black tea with milk along with scones and a Danish Omelet.

Once the tea and the food came along I focused on satisfying my appetite and my palate. Both the tea and the food served were of superior quality. The tea was a strong Assam tea, the caffeine stimulating my energy levels instantly. The scones and the omelet were some of the tastiest ones I had for a long long time. 

While settling the bills, I thanked the staff for the excellent quality of tea and food served. On reaching downstairs the salon store person shared with me that the tea room was created around 5 years back for the salon’s customers who used to have a long waiting time. Interestingly,  this tea room is now a tea lover’s attraction at present.

Try visiting this one! I strongly recommend it.

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