Inspiring Tea Stories: Act of Generosity, one from Jaipur travel

I have mentioned Gulabji Chaiwale of Jaipur in my earlier blog post:- How important is goodwill for you. On 8th Nov this year since I was in Jaipur, I decided to witness their awesome act of generosity. I have read about the philanthropic nature of work this tea stall owner is involved in. This is much different from the greed of this business world we are accustomed to. So, I tried to contact them earlier to know more about their exceptional noble works but in vain, as I failed to establish contact with them.

It was 6 am, and I started from my hotel in Jaipur towards the outlet near MI Road besides Ganpati plaza. It was still slightly dark and cold, typical of early winter dawn in the northern part of India. The pavement around the Ganpati Plaza was overcrowded, but they were not regular customers. They were the poor and the needy and the number of people estimated was approximately 150 – 200. I reached a bit late. Most of them who were sitting seemed to be enjoying the masks bun along with the chai given to them by Gulabji Chaiwale, It was a spectacular and pleasant scene of humanity. I was so pleased to learn that even after the demise of Gulabji in May this year, his son Shivji is still continuing the 40 years tradition of serving mankind.

This was also well organized and managed, only after this noble act was completed the billing to customers could start. I appreciated Shivji and congratulated him for his incredible work of kindness, and he invited me to come over by 11 am the same day. So, being curious to know what is in the store I reached the tea stall at 10.45 am, fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Shivji asked me to follow him to a nearby temple of Lord Shiva on the M.I. Road. There were approximately 80 -100 people sitting on the pavement adjoining the temple. I went inside the Mahadev temple gate and saw a mini kitchen on the right side of the entrance area.

Shivji started personally supervising the activities with his staff. I noticed a framed picture of Gulabji inside the area. After some time, the food started arriving in several large utensils. The people who were waiting outside were asked to line up in a queue. Food distribution started with the dal, bread, and the sabzi being offered to the needy. I was really moved by the scene. I was so happy to know that this stall owner has been diligently serving this kind of meal generously for the last 11 – 12 years.

Before leaving I asked the owner what inspired them to help others for so many years, and his answer was Gulabji believed that if you give something to mankind the almighty ensures that you will not be left empty-handed. I left the place on a satisfying note thanking Gulabji and Shivji from the bottom of my heart.

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