At Chaiolic, we have various types of Tea / Chai hand picked and selected after extensive research of Tea gardens across India, with blends covering different aspects of flavour, aroma, colour and health benefits. Our suggestion would be to

a. Select our combo packs that are closer to the type of Teas that your palate is used to. 
For example :- if you are a regular Chai ( Milk + CTC Tea) drinker, our advice would be to try our small qty Sampler Chai Combo pack which offers 5 different varieties of 50g milk teas at an attractive offer with shipping anywhere in India included. All of this only for Rs.599/- only.

⦁ As you know Wellness is an area of universal concern and Tea is closely associated with its richness of antioxidants. Plus we have created a Wellness blend with Green Tea and  beneficial flowers and herbs like Jasmine, Tulsi, Chamomile etc. So , you can try out with Chaiolic’s 25g (each) Wellness Combo pack for Trial basis only for Rs.599/- only.
a. If you are interested in experimenting with some of our innovations like the Malt whisky tea (that tastes close to premium scotch whisky) or the Blue Tea or the Earl Grey Tea (that is a favourite of the Classical Tea lovers) or the Relaxing Rose Tea or the Rare Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong Tea you can shortlist your own favourite from our website a. www.chaiolic.com

As an introductory offer, we are offering Free Shipping for more purchases above Rs.499/-.

While others in the market are also promoting good Teas, we as Tea enthusiasts have teamed up directly with several Tea Garden Growers and some of the finest Blenders in the industry to offer the Authentic, Premium quality Grade Tea. 

Our Teas are delivered with freshness. For example, some of the Chaiolic Teas are sourced from select Small Tea Growers who process the Orthodox Tea as handcrafted artisans and thus offer superior products to the consumers.

Not really, as Chaiolic has some of the finest Chai blends in India.
An example is the Tapriwali Chai. It is a blend of the finest CTC varieties of Assam along with genuine spices like – Saffron, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Ginger. There are no artificial chemicals and flavours but real ingredients and hence the cost is higher. But if you try this one along with milk, you may get an unique Chai in terms of taste, freshness and aroma than that Kesar Tea prepared by your favourite Chaiwala.
This experience can be awesome. 
Same is applicable for other Chaiolic Chai Blends as well.

You may select our Combo trial packs or if you want you can pay us only Rs 1,000/- we will send you our best sellers and favourites, which we can ship to your place all for FREE.

This list includes

  • 100 g Kadak Masala Chai
  • 100g Tapriwali Chai
  • 50g malt Whiskey Tea
  • 25g Jasmine Hibiscus Tea
  • 25g Rose Tea
  • 25g Kashmiri Kahwa
  • 25g Daily Freshness Tea
  • 25g Golden Tippy Green Tea

For Orthodox (Long / whole leaves ) Tea , typically one needs 2 gm for one serving of a cup (200 ml) of Tea , so our 25 g pouches can deliver approx 12 cups of Tea.

For CTC tea made Chai (with milk, water and sugar) we need 2.5 gm (1 teaspoon typically) for a 100ml cup of prepared Chai. So, going by this calculation 50gm pouches can deliver up to 20 cups of 100ml Chai.

Our pouches will have printed instructions on the labels itself, plus we are sharing a small handout on the right kind of brewing instructions – that you will find inside the packing carton.

Any type of Camellia Sinensis Tea (without adding any sweetener) has properties to regulate blood sugar levels but the disclaimer here is you cannot use it as a substitute of medicine. Normally people with diabetes can drink Green Tea or Black Tea and their blends for their health benefits (without adding any sweetener).

Tea is a 5,000 year old healthy tradition but due to lack of awareness we do not consider it as a beverage related to wellness – instead we are not even aware that there are so many different healthy options prepared out of Tea. Whereas in countries like China, Japan, Europe, Middle East Tea is popular.for its health benefits. 

In most parts of India, Chai is considered as a substitute of food for the poor & in the name of bed Tea people consume Chai even with an empty stomach (leading to acidity as Tea has Tannins). So, as a Tea enthusiast Chaiolic wants to spread wider awareness of the Health benefits associated with the different types of Tea. There are different options for varying moods and moments.Chaiolic wants that it’s customers should experience most of these options at affordable prices.

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