The 4 Best Tea Recipes to boost taste and immunity

Tea as we all know is anyway a health drink. Yet, tea is consumed as a hot social, and refreshing beverage in most parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries like India along with milk and sugar. In recent times, the health benefits of Green Tea are gaining popularity. There are hardly a few experiments with Green tea done where both taste and health utility are enhanced.

Sharing 4 different variants of Green tea where the enriched taste will surely add a new dimension to the normally bitter or grassy flavor of Green tea.

 Green Tea Iced Latte – with Milk and Honey

Looking for a change in your favorite Healthy drink? – Try with the green tea ice latte. We all know green tea is already popular due to its health benefits. Grind green tea leaves to a powdered form, so that in one tablespoon of powdered green tea the concentration of antioxidants is extremely high. This can be an interesting health drink provided you are ready to experiment a bit.

To prepare this special drink we require the following ingredients:-

1 tablespoon of Ground Green tea powder, 

2) 1 cup of milk including Soy or almond milk, 

3) hot water,

4) ice, 

5) honey

Add one tablespoon of powdered Green tea in a cup and add less than a quarter cup of hot water. Stir the liquid combination until the mixture gets fully dissolved. If required, add slightly more water & whisk further. Then transfer the liquid to the freezer for the next 30 mins.

After the green tea drink gets cooled, add a few pieces of ice to a glass. Further, add cold milk into the glass.

Finally add a topping of honey to the drink. So, you will rediscover:- Extreme Happiness!!

Spiced Green Tea – Ideal for cold periods like the winter or the monsoon.

Though green tea has its own health benefits yet for many people drinking this is not a tasty option, as they consider this as a grassy flavor. If sugar is added to green tea, it may lower green tea’s health benefits. 

How about trying with a tastier version i.e., spiced green tea. 

Yes, green tea can be spiked with aromatic mild spices. In winters or in the monsoon period, this may add a warming effect and there will be extra aroma and a spicy taste after adding the spices. 

Suggested spices that can be mixed with the green tea are 

1)black peppercorn, 


3)star anise, or even some fennel seeds. 

To serve well add a teaspoon of honey along with a few drops of lemon. For decoration, a slice of lemon can also be added. 

Enjoy the taste of Green Tea + Spices! Cheers!

Iced Green Tea with Ginger – Mint

This exemplary frosted Green tea is a perfect health tonic for the summers with power-packed antioxidants, nutrients, and the added immunity-enhancing benefits of the herbs.

The ingredients required to prepare this healthy drink are:-

1) 1 tablespoon of Ground Green tea powder 

2) 1/2 cup of mint leaves grounded in a mixer 

3) 1″ slice of Ginger paste 

4) hot water,

5) ice, 

6) honey

Steep the Green tea in hot water for 3 minutes and then mix the ginger paste with honey and let it cool. Then store in a refrigerator with ice for the next 1 hour. Serve the iced tea along with 2 mint leaves for garnishing. 


Turmeric Cinnamon Green tea – for Super Immunity with Antioxidants

This can be a new version of Immunity booster Green tea added with powerhouses of vitamins, antioxidants – like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Ginger, Lemon.

Cinnamon, black pepper crushed to powder & added in boiling fresh water along with a half teaspoon of turmeric. Crushed ginger will also be added. The boiling time is 6 -7 minutes in medium flame. After boiling, the strained liquid Green tea will be added.

The same mixture after further filtration, lemon drops can be added to the liquid which will be cooled down for 1 minute.

The kitchen will surely be filled up with the beautiful aroma of the concoction. The beverage will taste like a perfect blend of pepper along with the sweetness of cinnamon.

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