Three Tea Lovers quit their cushy corporate jobs to take the plunge into becoming Tea-preneus. During their work life they noticed the concern that most of the Tea or Chai lovers faced. Tea or Chai available in the corporate sector were either below quality & sub-hygiene standards or overpriced. Plus, the problem with the taste was also there.

Chaiolic was born in 2020, out of the Covid crisis to address the solution for Tea loving people in the corporate sector. The team of Chaiolic does a thorough research to ensure that every consumer is provided the best quality Tea product that is Fairly priced and Excellent in taste.

Chaiolic – The Tea Connect

Late Jogesh Ch Bose came to Kailashahar, Tripura as a young educated lawyer. He first set up the Anila Tea Estate (T.E.).This was more than a century ago. On his death, Late Satyendra Mohan Bose took charge. He died at an early age. The reign then was then taken over by the third generation successor late Sukomal Bose who left his lucrative Govt job and took over the TE management. In the late sixties, however the TE was sold to Manuvalley TE. Purnangshu Bose of Chaiolic, the nephew of Late Sukomal Bose is the fourth generation in the Tea Business.

Our Vision

To provide customers the Rich Experience of Quality Tea products.

To act as a medium to increase the awareness of the Healthy Benefits of Tea.

To innovate and create value for money blends that are best in taste and benefits.


Purnangshu Bose

A Corporate Executive turned Tea Blogger, a trained Tea Taster and Tea Freak travelled across North East India to understand the rich potential of Superior quality, handcrafted Tea by India’s Small Tea Farms.

Tarun Sharma

An Engineer, IIM Alumnus , a Corporate Senior Executive turned Tea Freak who is a strong believer of Healthy lifestyle, Spirituality, Philanthropy and contribution of Tea to our Healthy Living.


Chaiolic Store in Sector V , Saltlake, Kolkata

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